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Welcome to Casino Royale

This is our story...

Enter World Series of Poker

We established a unique relationship with WSOP.  This began as a simple fundraiser that grew very fast. Now that we have 3 Casino Royale events completed, we are working behind the scenes for the future of many events in multiple states and other cities across the USA. If you like to play poker and you also like to support non-profits, then this event is your only option as every ticket and every dollar amount raised is tax deductible for you and your business.  Who’s ready to play?
Poker Tournaments

The benefits of playing our way to the World Series of Poker

Simple. When you play our tournaments and win at our Casino Royale event, you will have a seat in Las Vegas worth 10k. The best part is, it's tax deductible as a donation for charity.


No skills required

Play at your own pace

Bring your friends

Everyone is a winner!