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Project RELO leverages Casino Royale events for fundraising.

Project RELO is a 501c3 organization that enables organizations to realize a competitive advantage by hiring US Military Veterans. It’s not just Good…it’s Good Business!


Welcome to Casino Royale

Play at any of our events, whether regional or one of our main events, all tournaments are donations to Project RELO or other charity partners, and tax deductible. We play by the rules with professional dealers. Our main event, we call it Casino Royale, the 1st place winner will get a seat worth 10k at the next World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.


First step

We offer you a range of tournaments. You play at any of the events, the top 3 get a seat to play at our main evet, Casino Royale. If your not the lucky 3, that's okay, you can still play at the main event, even if you have not played for the season by getting a ticket to the event,

Second step

At our main event, the 1st place winner will get a 10k seat to play at the next World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. You read that right, that's a 10,000 dollar seat. And remember this is for charity, all game plays are tax deductible.

Third step

Your the lucky winner at our Casino Royale event. You get to Las Vegas and you will get a seat worth 10k to play at their next event. This is located in Las Vegas Nevada.

Who's ready to play?